Smart Lease Deals

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Smart Overview

Smart is owned and operated by Daimler AG (Mercedes). In 1994, Mercedes-Benz decided to create an automobile brand that would target a specific demographic. So in 1994, Smart was founded with subcompact and microcar specialization in mind. Most of Smart's sales happen in the European markets where smaller vehicles are more common and optimal due to smaller streets. Smart only became available to the US consumer in 2008 with its Fortwo model. Today smart offers two models: Fortwo and Forfour. Tired of searching for parking spaces or simply want to drive a subcompact car? Lease a Smart car.



Information about Smart lease:


  • Leasing company: Mercedes-Benz Financial
  • Lease transfer eligibility: Yes
  • Lease buyer credit application Fee: $50
  • Lease transfer Fee: $545
  • Average time to complete transfer: about 3-4 weeks
  • Lease restrictions: Mercedes-Benz Financial does not allow lease transfer in the first 6 months and last 6 months of the lease.


Because leasing conditions can change and vary from lease to lease, we recommend that you contact your respective leasing company to confirm transfer eligibility.